How often do you need to maintain your car battery?

The functions of the battery.

Without the battery your vehicle cannot be started. In addition to the starter motor, the spark plugs, glow plugs, lights and electronic applications all require electrical energy. Contrary to popular belief, battery maintenance is part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance program, in order to maximize the battery’s average lifespan (usually about five years).

It is important that you keep your battery clean, if you see it getting dirty or greasy, let us know and we can clean it off. Running your battery way down is bad for it. Things like running the headlights or watching a DVD player with the car turned off, can deeply deplete your battery. The typical battery can only take about 10 of these deep cycle depletions before it gives up. Short trips in the city can also wear out your battery.

What are the signs indicating a faulty battery?

In order to maximize the battery’s average lifespan, the terminals should be inspected for signs of corrosion, which can be caused by environmental or chemical factors. If your battery is dirty, it runs hotter which shortens its life. A certified technician at John’s Thistle Auto will inspect the battery during scheduled maintenance and clean the battery terminals and electrical system power cables, if necessary.

What is my car battery’s lifespan?

The average lifespan of a battery is 5 years but 70% of batteries don’t last 4 years. Getting your battery charged regularly and tested annually by a certified John’s Thistle Auto technician is recommended in order to ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle’s battery and prevent unpleasant surprises. We always make sure to meet your manufacturer’s recommendations. If you live in a cold climate or use a lot of electrical accessories, we can look at an upgrade that will give you all the power you need.

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